Night of a thousand thrills.

Night of a thousand thrills

‘A Night of a 1000 Thrills’ is a celebration of Helens life; it’s about keeping that smile alive. It’s about getting together as a group of people who share a devotion to The Killers and having one hell of a night!! It is also about raising as much money as possible for our 3 nominated charities:

Pure Nightclub Manchester.

Pure Manchester

Go to Pure

Date: Evening of Saturday October 23rd 2010 (time to be confirmed)

Dress Code: Dress to Impress!!!!! See below

Top of the bill-The Fillers.

The Fillers

The official Killers tribute band:



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Your comperes for the evening of a thousand thrills

Introducing Mr Drew Thomson, and Mr Simon Bradley..

Drew Thompson is a former Thomson Holidays Gold Host and Superfamily Entertainer. And even though he says so himself, one of their finest!! ( NO! Don’t worry, he’s never heard of himself either) Having worked abroad for much of the first half of the Naughties, he now lives in the UK, with his young family. He disappeared from ‘public’ life in 2004 and was reported as Missing In Action, some say he was committed to a Mental Institution, Some say he was sleeping with the Fishes, Some say he was in Downing Street helping to run the Government, all we know is, he was NEVER The Stig. Quick witted, Cheeky and sometimes with his foot well and truly over the line, Drew has a passion for entertaining people, not taking life too seriously and making people smile. Having performed on stage as a Host and Compere, and been lead singer in a number of Bands, from Oasis Tributes to Rock to Pop Function Bands, Drew is looking forward to stepping out in front of you all and helping to bring to you a few extra thrills to the 1000 already promised. He promises to maybe shock you, and most definitely rock you!!!

Simon has been entertaining and singing at functions for ten years. A life long fan of big band music, I quickly decided the direction of my singing career would take. I started off working for Thomson holidays as a Superfamily entertainer in Calador Majorca. This involved organising daytime and evening entertainment including a radio show, pool games and quiz-time entertainment. I developed my own shows and characters that were later used in the superfamily entertainment program. I then moved to Menorca, Lanzarote, Ibiza and the Corfu Plaza in Corfu. We also had evening evening entertainment and hosting alongside Uk cabaret acts, this is where I developed my own Rat Pack tribute act. Tonight Live with Simon Bradley..

Fun & Games Night of a thousand thrills

On the Night of a 1000 Thrills, part of the night will be a Victims Awards Ceremony.

The winners of each category will receive a small prize and a certificate.

However, we need all the Victims to help, including those that cannot attend. We'd like to hear what categories you'd like to see rewards given for; these can be as wacky or as normal as you want.

An example could be 'Most Travelled Victim'.

Once we have the categories, we will ask you all to make your nominations. We will then set up a poll on the website with the top 4 names, so that you can all vote. So you see these really are Victims choices awards. So email your chosen categories to:

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